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Piria Coleman has studied Lohan Qigong in Australia since 1996 under the direct guidance of Grand Master Chen Yong Fa, the present custodian of Choy Lee Fut Shaolin Kung Fu and a distinguished practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specialising in Zheng Gu or Bone Setting. Piria's unique style of teaching Qigong advocates the path of least strain. Practitioners develop an awareness of qi sensations in their bodies and use their mind, or intention, to guide the qi.

Piria has 15 years of professional massage experience and a natural gift for intuitive healing. She offers a relaxing and energising Ka Huna session where the breath is used to weave together flowing movements and meditative stillness. The feeling is a peacefulness within, a harnessing of internal energies and a feeling of harmony with the natural environment.

Piria’s heritage has strongly influenced her unique style of Ka Huna. Home to Piria is Anson Bay at Norfolk Island, in the South Pacific, where the Pitcairn descendants of the legendary mutiny on the Bounty have settled. She identifies as the well spring of her energy, the ebb and flow of ocean waves rolling into shore at Anson Bay and the grace and tranquility of terns circling the Norfolk Pines as the sun sets golden out to sea.

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